Ep 21- Rex Real Estate- Jimmy Rex

Jimmy Rex leads the number one real estate team in the state of Utah, and he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to discuss his story with all of us. He shares his stories of learning the value of hard work and the importance of creating authentic and meaningful connections.


Jimmy Rex has found his way through life focusing on being his best authentic self and by giving with no thought of anything in return. He learned the value of hard work as a boy when he was passed over for the baseball all-star team that all his friends made. Jimmy’s tenacity led him into real estate where he put in the reps to build his career from the ground up. With a flourishing career, he attributes much of his success to that hard work, and not fearing failure. Today, he leads the current number one real estate team in the state of Utah and has recently authored an Amazon best selling book, “The Next Wave of Influence in Real Estate.”

Time stamps

2:19 Lake Powell and business

8:31 on establishing connections

13:15 Jimmy’s roots

19:23 Favorite failures

29:57 on building a team

31:34 Energy

32:43 childhood

46:00 standup comedy

50:45 Mentors

1:00:18 finding passion and confidence

1:12:00 why real estate?

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