About Us

At the Nitty Gritty we are intrigued by entrepreneurship, curiosity, breaking or ignoring the mold, and perpetuating that way of thinking in others and in future generations. We love stories of finding success in the unconventional way. The reason we’re attracted to these stories is because that’s how we see ourselves. We’re constantly trying to find a better, more impactful, way to live, to do business, and to interact with other human beings.

Our goal is to spread this mentality. It’s all about who we’re striving to be. We try to live and think intentionally and to be better. If that’s how you see yourself, or if that way of thinking and seeing the world ignites something within you, then you’re in the right place.

We love doing this and your participation in our Nitty Gritty community allows us to continue doing it. We hope it brings you some meaningful impact to your personal life, your family, or your business.