Ep 20- @kidsaretheworst- Anna Macfarlane

Today we sit down with Anna Macfarlane, the queen of Instagram. Listen to her amazing entrepreneurial journey, from hitting up her friends in middle school for spare change to becoming the wildly successful social media marketing consultant that she is today.


Anna Macfarlane grew up in Arizona in an entrepreneurial home. She learned the power of hard work and paired that with her motivation to pull herself out of financial troubles caused by a poor housing market, and found herself in brand marketing. As her side interests developed further, she found strong connections between her experience in marketing and the new trends in social media. She found that her skills converted well and became an expert on Instagram, especially with her flagship account, @kidsaretheworst. Today she consults for large Instagram brands and creates social media marketing courses to expand her valuable influence to as many people as possible.

Time stamps

4:13 how to manage social media use

7:44 Anna’s beginning

28:34 Anna’s career beginning

35:23 beginning of @kidsaretheworst

45:42 on building her skill set

59:52 speculating on next big thing

1.03.43 Anna’s course, instagram strategy

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