Stupid is the New Smart, with Richie Norton, Ep 36

Our guest today is the incredible coach, speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, Richie Norton. He shares with us the life challenges that have shaped him, and his unique approach to achieving goals.


Richie Norton is an award-winning author, a world renowned speaker, and a serial-entrepreneur. He’s a coach and consultant, blogger, and an all around happy guy. All this despite incredible family challenges he’s faced throughout his life. He lost a ten-week-old son to whooping cough, his brother-in-law died in his sleep at age 21, and three beloved children he hoped to adopt were suddenly taken from him, just to name a few. His attitude and mentality drive him as an amazing light to millions and an inspiring example of how to make the best of difficult circumstances.

Time stamps

:41 Growing up

7:32 Formal education

11:58 Losing family members

21:17 Traveling and working

24:47 Consulting and coaching business

31:30 Finding a mentor

36:42 Writing his book

39:45 On his Podcast

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