Making Bedtime Better, with Betsy and Angie from Beddy’s, Ep 35

Betsy and Angie are the cofounders of Beddy’s. Setting out simply to make functional bedding for their kids, these two moms found themselves running a wildly successful business, which now involves their entire families. Listen to them share the inspiring story.


Betsy Mikesell and Angie White were stay at home moms, neighbors, jogging buddies, and best friends. Their morning conversations were a place to vent about challenges they faced as moms. In trying to deal with the challenge of keeping kids’ rooms clean and beds made, Betsy had the idea to make bedding that zipped closed. After making a rough prototype and having no prior manufacturing or business experience, they found themselves building a business to sell their invention to everyone looking for a better way. Now, their husbands work together running a fulfillment center for virtually only Beddy’s shipping needs.

Time stamps

4:37 beginnings of Beddy’s

12:11 product description

17:57 Betsy and Angie’s backgrounds

25:55 first orders

33:21 Marketing

38:02 business and family

46:15 Using beddy’s

1:00:14 Appreciating the journey

1:07:38 Advice for people

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