Pillow Cube, with Jay Davis and Will Beck, Ep 134

Jay Davis knows entrepreneurship. Today he joins us to discuss his career path and how he built Creatably, a marketing agency specializing in creating viral content to launch businesses. One of his own projects benefited from Creatably's marketing power and developed into the famous Pillow Cube. Check it out.

Salt by Sabrina, with Sabrina Gardner, Ep 132

Is your house a mess? We've got the guest for you. Sabrina Gardner has built a business around her aptitude for organization. Custom fit organizers for your space will not only fix the mess and clutter, but she shares how it impacts the rest of your life as well. Come check out Salt by Sabrina.

Sponsor CX, with CEO Jason Smith, Ep 129

Jason Smith is the founder and CEO of Sponsor CX, which specializes in consulting for and managing sponsorship deals for various organizations. He had the guts to leave a comfortable and secure job to launch his entrepreneurial journey, setting out to provide a impactful tech solution in the sponsorship market.

Dr. Fidel Montero, Principal of Timpview High School, Ep 128

Joining us today is Dr. Fidel Montero, a first generation high school graduate who climbed his way from growing up in migrant labor camps in California to earning a doctorate degree from Columbia University. He's worked in education administration in various parts of the country including as the Chief of Staff at the largest university in Utah, Utah Valley University, and currently as Principal of Timpview High in Provo, Utah.

Let’s Glow, with Robyn Warner and Caybree Johnson, Ep 127

Robyn Warner is back and she brought her business parter and best friend, Caybree Johnson. Caybree discusses her own entrepreneurial journey beginning with buying and growing a Dental Assistant school, Practical Dental Assisting of Utah. Together, Robyn and Caybree designed the cutting edge experience of teeth whitening in their new business, Let's Glow. Check it out.

International Women’s Day, with Susan Petersen and Jess Toolson, Ep 126

Today we celebrate International Women's Day with some of the most inspiring women we know: Jess Toolson of Mixhers, and Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked. They've returned to The Nitty Gritty Show to discuss their recent success as well as their mentality that sets them apart from the crowd. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5LfiieTGWSqUxHYbb0klDD?si=SR7djI09Q_K8PEWg5I0a7w https://youtu.be/pTZ34niYR8A

Buddy the NBA Elf, Kyle Nielson, Ep 125

Kyle Nielson, nationally known as the NBA Elf, commonly seen at Utah Jazz games, joins us today to share his inspiring story. Kyle takes us through his story from joining forces with Vess Pearson of Aptive, to becoming a sneaker supplier for many NBA players. Oh, and also trolling NBA players as Buddy the Elf.