College Dropout to Top Wall Street Fund Manager, with Kurt Brown of TownSquare Capital, Ep 51

This week we sit down with Kurt Brown, the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of TownSquare Capital. He shares the wild and juicy details of climbing the elite Wall Street  ladder becoming a top performing fund manager, starting from his humble beginnings as a college dropout.

Bio (from

As Chief Investment Officer, Kurt heads the TownSquare investment committee in the design and construction of client portfolios including asset class selection and the vetting of outside money managers. With nearly 25 years of both buy and sell-side capital markets experience, Kurt has managed portfolios for Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, university endowments, Taft Hartley plans, bank trust portfolios, and individual retirement accounts. Prior to forming TownSquare, Kurt was a principal at Alta Capital, a high-quality growth equity manager based in Salt Lake City, Utah. During his 12 years with Alta, Kurt helped grow the firm’s assets under management from $300 million to over $3 billion. In addition to his investment work, Kurt is frequently called upon to speak at investment conferences, universities, and CPA and Estate Planning conferences. Topics include capital markets inefficiencies and conflicts of interest associated with investment products and brokerage firms. Prior to Alta, Kurt was with Black Rock Capital and Bank of America / Montgomery Securities where he advised institutional clients on trading and risk management issues including the divestiture and hedging of concentrated equity positions and the creation of structured product. Kurt studied Finance and Economics at Brigham Young University where he currently serves as an adjunct professor and board member of The Ballard Center for Economic Self Reliance.

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