Live Life with a Laugh, with Seth King of Late Notes, Ep 50

Seth King, known for Late Notes on Instagram and Youtube, tells us about his crazy career path from pro baseball, to construction management, to event planning. He’s made a name for himself on social media due to his unique parenting techniques in helping his kids learn to be on time.


Seth King grew up in Orem, UT playing tennis and baseball. He succeeded enough on the baseball diamond to play baseball in college and was eventually drafted by the San Diego Padres. After a year in the minors, his daughter was born and he decided to hang up the cleats and be a family man. He finished his degree at Brigham Young University and pursued a career in Construction Management. After he left the industry on frustration with corporate politics he decided to try his hand in managing events. He co-founded the Color Run and ran many other events around the world over the years. As a result of Covid-19 he finds the opportunity to relaunch his professional and creative career on his own terms.

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