Creating Confidence with Paige Arminta, Ep 46

Paige Arminta, greatly known for her incredible artwork on Instagram, joins us this week to discuss her unique business model as well as her journey in getting there. She’s become an inspiring creator following her dreams on her own terms.


Paige was born and raised in Utah. She found a passion for fashion while she was in school, and eventually found connections that would take he to Los Angeles, CA to pursue that dream. She was a red carpet fashion stylist, working with celebrities for all sorts of events. After a year of doing that, she realized she didn’t enjoy the job. She moved around in the industry a little before finally building the confidence to launch her own business as a creator. Ever since she’s contracted with huge brands like Nike, Addidas, Ritz-Carlton, and many more.

Time stamps

6:03 Paige’s background in fashion

15:05 Working with celebrities

18:05 On Confidence

25:10 Starting as an influencer

36:03 Paige’s approach to art

37:50 Running a business

45:20 Favorite projects

52:15 Evolution

1:13:38 Advice on Instagram and passion

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