Bridge the Divide, with Truwear’s Tim Nixon and Joe Hawes, Ep 43

Joining us today are Tim Nixon and Joe Hawes, the founders of Truwear. The company prides itself in creating versatile, stylish, and comfortable men’s clothing. Listen in and hear their story of leveraging their connections and unique skills to create a competitive advantage in a saturated industry.


Tim Nixon and Joe Hawes are the founders of Truwear. They’ve known each other for four years through the door-to-door sales world. Tim is married, a student at BYU, and is the youngest of ten kids. Joe is a husband and father, and his day job is still in the pest control sales world. They came together with a vision to create a superior men’s clothing product that is as versatile as the lives of the men who wear it. They’re still in the ascent of building their company and their brand. Their goal is to be recognized around the world for comfort, style, and quality. Their mission is to “Bridge the Divide” between comfort and class. Their brand is built on principles of quality, support, relationships, community, and family.

Time stamps

6:44 Beginning of TruWear

14:50 First products

19:53 Family influence on business

22:59 Joe’s adoption story

28:22 Leveraging apparent weakness

33:20 Working with influencers

36:51 Giving back

38:14 What’s next

44:42 Final message


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