The Secret Sauce of Chick-fil-A, Becky Pickle, Ep 42

Becky Pickle joins us to share her message of love and celebration. She is Owner/Operator of two Chick-fil-a restaraunts in the Salt Lake Valley, President Elect on the Board of Trustees for the Road Home, consultant and donor for Encircle, and foster and adoptive parent. She calls all to look beyond differences and appreciate and support one another.


Becky Pickle started her journey with Chick-fil-a as a 15 year old. She started working there without much expectation for a long term career. However, she was soon on her path to building a real future. She was identified as a natural leader still as a teenager, and through the love and support that the organization offered her, she found her people and has chosen to plant the company’s ideals throughout her life. The company’s purpose to have a positive influence on all resonates to the core of Becky’s identity. After having children of her own she decided to be a foster parent, and eventually adopted a son. All the while, she eventually came to own her own Chick-fil-a restaurants (in South Jordan and Riverton, Utah), joining an extremely small group of franchisees who own more than a one restaurant. She found herself seeing problems in the world and feeling completely compelled to make a difference in thousands of people’s lives, advocating for the homeless through the Road Home, as well as for the LGBTQ+ community through Encircle. Her resonating message is to love other human beings and recognize that we need one another. Going beyond just that, she calls us all to celebrate our differences and lean into and understand the value that we all bring to one another.

Time stamps

3:14 Chick-fil-A

8:02 Franchisees

16:18 The Secrets

22:32 Community involvement

25:21 Struggles

31:51 Reason for success

42:33 the Road Home

56:06 Encircle

1:02:51 Abi Ayres

1:07:48 Grandpa Al

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