Faith and Business, with Michelle and Khyl Shumway of Rad Swim, Ep 41

Known for their swimwear company Rad Swim, and “The Shumway Show” on YouTube, the husband-wife duo Khyl and Michelle Shumway share with us their amazing journey of faith amid difficulty, including Khyl surviving a tragic plane crash. Listen in and hear how their business and family have found direction and hope through that faith.


Khyl and Michelle Shumway are entrepreneurial to the core. They’ve started around 5 different companies together, and run at least three YouTube channels, in addition to their children’s channels. They are parents to four daughters, and the entrepreneurial spirit continues on in them, as they’re running YouTube channels and businesses of their own. In 2003 Khyl survived a tragic airplane crash in Alaska that claimed the lives of four of the families extended family members, including Michelle’s father and brother.

Time stamps

3:31 Beginning of Rad Swim

9:55 Losing a son

11:30 Advancing the business

16:37 Family and business

19:55 Dealing with doubt

23:11 Social media

25:10 Kids and the business

29:44 YouTube channel

36:36 What’s next

42:35 Plane crash

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