Becoming the Modern Dad, with Jason Dunnigan, Ep 40

This week we sit down with Jason Dunnigan, better known as The Modern Dad on Instagram. He shares his story as well as his message of what it means to be a more present husband and father in our ever-changing world.


Jason Dunnigan grew up in Utah and served a 2-year mission in California. When he returned, he faced difficult social pressure, and soon moved back to California to start fresh and focus on his university education. He studied marketing with a focus in social media, and now is a force to be reckoned with specifically on Instagram, which is his preference in social networking. He now runs global social media accounts for a craft company. However, his true passion lies in being a husband and father. He is married with four children. His Instagram handle, the_modern_dad, is an ode to his message and belief that dads need to be more involved in their children’s lives than they traditionally have been. He’s known for his love of shopping, fashion, and all things family focused.

Time Stamps

6:59 Jason’s background

8:25 Professional/Social media

16:44 Start on Instagram

19:55 Modern Dad origin

23:32 Swagger

36:43 Approach to social media

44:40 Favorites on Instagram

50:37 Monetizing

55:45 Marathon

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