Helping you feel comfortable in your own skin, with Kate Call @LatewithKate, Ep 33

Kate Call, from @LatewithKate on Instagram, is hilarious and brilliant. She gets vulnerable as she shares her humbling launch into business. Sit back in your favorite pajamas (@LatesbyKate) and laugh with us as she shares her story.


Kate Call grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She first started into business when her career as a dental hygienist left her with no creative outlet as she worked to put her husband through law school. Her first business was making baby shoes and headbands in her free time. She soon was overwhelmed  when she and her husband found they weren’t enjoying the business. She proceeded to develop her online presence under Instagram’s platform as “Late with Kate.” Eventually she launched her current business making luxurious pajamas, slippers, towels, and the like. She’s a mother to four daughters.

Time stamps

3:20 Beginning of Late with Kate

10:17 First business

22:32 Kate’s roots

25:45 Transition from first business

32:02 Lates by Kate beginning

39:46 Product line

49:53 Advice for starting

57:27 Content ideas

1:01:29 Next for the business

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