From Gators and Groms to Swimsuits and Shark Tank, with Kara and Shelly from Raising Wild, Ep 31

Rachelle (Shelly) Hyde and Kara Haught are the amazing sisters who brought Raising Wild Swimwear to the world. They share their story, including making a deal on Shark Tank, and show the passion and character behind their incredible company.


Rachelle and Kara are two of the twelve Munns kids. Growing up in Florida, they wore their swim suits everywhere. They’re now raising their own families, and started their swim suit business to fill the practical need of functional, mom-friendly swim suits. Their self drive and out-of-the-box thinking helped them make an impressive entry into a difficult industry. Both dealing with ADHD, their story is inspiring and compelling. They found their way to partnering with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, and are continually finding ways to grow and stay on the cutting edge of swimwear fashion.

Time stamps

9:33 Beginning of Raising Wild

15:47 Gator park: Wild Florida

25:16 designing their swim suits

41:35 Shark Tank

1:10:00 Critical moments

1:13:00 ADHD impact on business

1:18:25 Sisters working together

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