Skinny Second Wife Extra Dirty, with Sodalicious, Ep 28

Kevin and Annie Auernig are the owners of the beloved Sodalicious. They join us to share the amazing story of their humble beginnings and how they’ve dealt with challenges in growing to their current 22 locations.


Kevin’s always been a soda lover, often being criticized in the early days of their marriage by Annie. It wasn’t until Annie was entrenched in a demanding schedule as she worked in the film industry that she learned the benefits of soda and caffeine to keep her going. She and her friends started mixing flavors into their soda, which led to the beginnings of Sodalicious. The company wasn’t begun with high expectations, but it quickly grew a major following in Utah and soon expanded to two other states, Arizona and Idaho. Currently the Auernigs are owners of 22 locations.

Time stamps

4:29 origin of the idea

17:29 competitor opens in Provo

20:57 supplying locations

25:20 entrepreneurial roots

28:59 early doubters

35:36 expansion

39:14 Drink names

42:08 Biggest changes over time

43:13 Mountain Dew flavors

49:01 Importance of systems

58:47 Challenges in 2018

1:05:00 Impact on marriage/family

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