Tyson Henderson on Polygamy, Secrecy, and Suicide, Ep 27

Tyson Henderson has developed an impressive career in videography. However, for the first time publicly, he comes on today to share his incredible story of growing up in a polygamist household and the family turmoil that resulted.


Tyson grew up in the heart of Salt Lake Valley in a largely undercover polygamist household. He is the oldest of his father’s many children, by multiple wives. He distanced himself from his family’s church, The Allred Group, as a teenager and for years dealt with the effects of a broken home after his father abandoned his family. He pursued a career is videography, working with the likes of Devin Supertramp. He’s currently the creative director for Nomatic.

Time stamps

0:13 Tyson’s videography career

13:04 Intro to the story

20:08 Family joining the Allred Group

31:02 Father leaving the family

52:10 Mom got remarried

59:02 Last time seeing his dad

1:05:07 Meeting his wife

1:19:08 Learning from his past

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