Chelsea Christensen on living your Best Life, ep 26

Chelsea Christensen wears a lot of hats. She owns and runs a screen printing business, she’s a coach for Alison’s Brand School, she runs a team for Zyia Active, and many more things, besides being a wife and mother. She shares with us her journey to living her best life.


Chelsea grew up in Mantua, Utah. She didn’t realize how good life was in Mantua until she moved away. Growing up with an entrepreneurial family, she found herself starting businesses around screen printing, photography, an online baby store, direct marketing, coaching and mentoring, and others. She started to focus in on her core competency when she started seeing her life shifting away from what was most important to her, and now lives her best life, though she’s found her power in developing boundaries. She’s still as busy as ever, but makes the hard choices to maintain focus on her priorities.

Time stamps

2:27 Chelsea’s beginnings

8:47 Her first business

19:01 Nephew’s sickness

23:33 Dealing with anxiety

30:54 The Allison Show

47:16 Chelsea’s business today

53:00 On her marriage

1:00:25 Managing a busy life

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