Ep 25- Living Proof Intervention- Danny Deaton

Danny Deaton is the owner of Living Proof Intervention. He shows us how you can turn your darkest days into a source of your brightest influence. A recovered addict himself, his story is one that we want to spread like wildfire in order to help those suffering through this terrible devastation which is addiction.

Danny’s Bio

My name is Danny and I am Living Proof.  Your life CAN change.  There is a way to stop the chaos. Many believed I was broken beyond repair. I lost EVERYTHING. There was a defining moment that I had to choose to live or die. I chose to fight for my life in 2007.  I had to scratch and claw my way up from the heaping pile of wreckage. I had to mend and repair my relationships. I had to rebuild my mind and my soul.

Addiction is one of the most brutal of all human experiences but recovery can be one of the most beautiful.  I am Living Proof that your best days are ahead of you; your dreams for yourself or your loved ones are still within reach.  I am Danny.  I was homeless and broken.  Now I am whole and healthy.  I am a husband, a father, a friend, a business owner, a shoulder ride giver, and a knuckle ball teacher. I am Living Proof. Are you ready?

Time stamps

1:10 intro to him

3:32 Danny’s beginning

7:10 Living Proof Intervention

11:20 Beginning of his drug challenges

25:01 Escalation of his drug use

40:40 Families’ challenges

49:46 Danny’s turning point

1:05:10 Danny’s life now

1:12:08 how to approach the issue

1:24:46 Danny’s message

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