Ep 24- Wasatch Combat Sports- Tandi Suitter

Our guest today, Tandi Suitter, shares her amazing story of overcoming difficult teenage years, becoming a mother to a handicap son at a young age, excelling as the Pro MMA fighter “Tandilion”, and becoming a successful business owner.


Tandi Suitter is known for owning Wasatch Combat Sports, where classes are offered teaching muay thai, boxing, MMA, jiujitsu, krav maga, yoga, and more. As a teenager she experienced an abusive relationship that gave her much of her drive to learn and excel in combat sports. The other source of her drive was her son, Ammon, who had cerebral palsy. She was known in Professional MMA as Tandilion.

Time stamps

0:20 Wasatch Combat Sports

8:22 Tandi’s history

16:40  Tandi’s family

23:53 Competitive fighting

35:40 Dealing with life challenges

46:37 Losing her son

52:11 Opening her own gym

1:08:04 Future plans for the gym

Here’s a look into Tandi’s fighting
This was Tandi’s fight music that played as she approached the ring

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