Ep 23- @aFlyOnMyWall- Robyn Warner

This week’s guest is the inspirational and powerful Robyn Warner. She shares her amazing story of surviving a violent sexual assault as a young student at SUU. Her message of safety and empowerment is one that we believe all need to hear. Help us spread her story.

Robyn’s Bio

Hey! I am Robyn and I have been married to my “first kiss” for 10 years. We have 4 kids and we enjoy dance parties, beat-boxing, and never taking our selves too seriously. I have spent the Decade in the dance world. Specifically creating and owning a studio here in Utah, but I have now passed the studio owner torch and I am living my best life as a karaoke enthusiast, self-defense advocate, freelance Street dancer and mom! Sharing self-defense and spreading awareness is personal and important to me. As an 18-year-old, I was Attacked and sexually assaulted in broad daylight while running. Because of some basic self-defense I was taught when I was 12, I was able to fight myself away. I have had the opportunity to talk to thousands of women of self-defense and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  I am the world‘s biggest goof-off and you can catch me dancing in public, singing loudly in the grocery store, and doing old drill team military moves on the fly. In other words, hardcore embarrassing my hubby on the daily especially on my IG @aflyonmywall!

Time stamps

2:29 aflyonmywall instagram

10:05 Robyn’s assault story

23:19 dealing with the after effects

26:18 discussing forgiveness

32:55 why did she join instagram

42:03 Robyn’s dance studio

46:25 discussing shame

53:58 discussing therapy

1:06:24 sting story

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