Ep 19- #Carol4president- Abi Ayres

This week, we track down one of Instagram’s newest stars, Abi Ayres. You may know her from her hilarious #Carol4president insta-story. Join us as we get a look into her road to, and how she now approaches the challenges of, her new stardom.


Abi Ayres is known for her presence on Instagram, but as with everyone, there’s much more to the person behind the photos and videos. She grew up in Park City, Utah, served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and traveled the world. She’s now married with kids, works a job in event planning, which she loves, and turned to Instagram as her form of journaling. Her infamous “Carol haircut” happened in the summer of 2019, and because of her Instagram documentation, her reaction video went viral and she found herself as a new “Insta-star.” As she states, “People come for Carol, and stay for Abi.”

Time stamps:

4:51 #Carol4president story

26:56 Abi’s background

38:36 business opportunity

41:10 Learning from other influencers

48:20 versatility of humor

1:00:08 Writing children’s books

1:18:19 The spin challenge

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