Ep 17- SexyModest.com- Brigitte and Jason Shamy

This week’s guests are an amazing couple, Jason and Brigitte Shamy. They’re the owners of SexyModest.com, and have created their business around the clothing needs of women who want to feel comfortable, modest, and confident. Listen in and hear their amazing and inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to chase their dream.


Brigitte Shamy is from Iowa, where she was working multiple jobs while in school, trying to find her path in life. She met Jason when he was in her small town working for a talent agency helping women get their start in modeling. After spending the entire night together talking, they decided that their paths should include each other. Joining forces, they eventually started SexyModest.com to combat the enduring problem of women’s clothing being uncomfortable, immodest, out of fashion, etc. They now have a healthy business, and a beautiful family of four daughters.

Time Stamps

4:58 How did it all start?

19:55 Jason’s background

22:55 Beginnings of design

33:11 Story about Thanksgiving dinner

37:59 Sexy Modest begins

54:32 Brigette’s purpose in business

1:03:11 Infertility challenges

1:14:10 Marriage and business

1:18:57 Teaching children

1:27:16 Shamy kids’ bath bombs

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