Ep 16- Caliber Smart- Jeremy Hammond

This week’s guest, Jeremy Hammond, is the COO of Caliber Communications (known as Caliber Smart), a direct to customer sales company. Jeremy tells stories from his beginnings knocking doors, and the benefits of working with his brother as the CEO of the company. Listen in to hear the impact that one of our favorite books, The Go Giver, has had on his personal life and in business.


Jeremy comes from humble beginnings, growing up in Rexburg Idaho, and son of a grounds keeper. He learned at a young age to work for what you want and how to utilize resources to their maximum potential. He began his career knocking doors, instead of going to school, and followed that path as an entrepreneur into building a formidable company with his older brother, Mike.

Time Stamps:

3:56 Jeremy’s background

14:26 Handling relationships in business

18:45 Door knocking story

26:57 Dealing with lack of formal education

36:52 Discussing his family

45:26 Impact of financial success

47:50 Power Hour

56:37 Creating value business

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