Ep 15- @jennaskitchen- Jenna Rammell

Jenna Rammell is an online juggernaut. She’s built an incredibly inspiring and uplifting empire through which she’s been able to forward the cause of good. Jenna is a Presidential Diamond at DoTERRA and, a social media humanitarian, and, more importantly is the most incredibly genuine and kind human being you’ll ever meet. Listen in and be inspired.


Jenna Rammell grew up living in various exotic places, including the Middle East. She’s developed a love for all people that is apparent in all that she does. She started blogging before it was mainstream, as she felt the need for connection being a stay-at-home mom, and has since expanded her reach in spreading love and goodwill through many channels. Though @jennaskitchen started with recipes and cooking ideas, it’s expanded well beyond that as she’s found many meaningful ways to impact the lives of others.

Time stamps

6:10 Jenna’s backstory

13:45 Business beginnings

17:52 Mentality of money

35:25 What does Jenna do now?

49:45 Overcoming stigmas in network marketing

55:39 Post Partum Course

1:05:06 Clear the List Initiative




The Go Giver

Post Partum Course

Email list (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Clear the List on Twitter

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