Ep 14- The Johnson Files- Shaun and Nicole Johnson

Today’s guests, Shaun and Nicole Johnson, of The Johnson Files, paved their way to success on Instagram. They talk about their creative process as a husband and wife team, and dealing with doubt and challenges on their way to success. Listen in to find out how Shaun and Nicole found a way to turn a passion in comedy and improv into a business by taking risks others aren’t willing to take.


Shaun started his comedic journey at Provo Utah’s Comedy Sports, where he and Nicole first met. As a couple, they’ve lived in Florida for the last 6 years, but recently found an opportunity to return to Utah. Shaun works in pharmaceutical sales, and Nicole is a photographer and a piano teacher. Together, they make up the hysterical The Johnson Files.

Time Stamps

7:33 How did you get into comedy?

12:22 Content creation

17:30 Video production

23:01 Show production

26:36 Corporate improv

33:45 Being authentic

35:43 Choosing humor in challenging times

45:29 Dealing with doubters in the beginning

48:33 Advice you didn’t follow

58:10 What are you excited about?

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Big news! Will you take us back, Utah??

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