Ep 13- Perk Energy- Rena Doman

Rena Doman is at the helm of not only an amazing company, but a social movement. Perk Energy was created to give people an escape, a treat, and a moment to breath without the guilt. She’s found that in developing an amazing product she also developed a passionate community. Listen to her story, including her inspiring and unique path in her personal life.

Bio- Rena Doman

Rena Doman is the owner of Perk Energy, with her husband Gary. Rena spent most of her life as an escrow officer. In 2016 she and her husband launched Perk Energy. She and Gary are health fanatics, which has helped them in their careers of developing products for other companies, until they found their passion in forming their own company, Perk Energy. Rena also enjoys instructing Yoga, when she’s not with her family or running Perk.

Time Stamps

How did it all start? 2:49

Rena discusses her blended family 7:26

She discusses name and late husband, Matt Doman 14:39

Coming up with a product that made a difference 21:47

Deciding to quit her career as escrow officer 28:34

Loss gives reason to live life more passionately 33:39

Rena’s favorite way to drink Perk 47:27

Organic marketing 52:01

Where is Perk going? 54:36

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