Ep 12- Gold Yeller- Jared Jacobs

Jared Jacobs, better known as Gold Yeller, almost accidentally fell into his successful business. Jared was living a normal life when he decided he needed to make a change. He began to expand his rapping abilities (he actually raps for us in the interview!), and soon he began making LEGO stop-motion animated videos as an escape. Suddenly he found businesses paying him to bring LEGO to life. Listen in to experience his mile-a-minute personality and see the passion and energy that define Gold Yeller.

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Time Stamps

5:30 His Rapper beginning (he raps at 10:20)

10:20 Rap

13:23 Stop motion explanation

24:06 transition to full time

25:34 GaryVee Bubble Hockey story

42:34 what does his wife think of this?

47:26 end of the GaryVee story

52:17 how did he turn it into a business

1:07:11 What’s coming up?

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