Ep 11- Taft- Kory Stevens

Kory Stevens shares his story of humble and unassuming beginnings. He started his business out of necessity, having no job and a baby on the way out of college. He doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur, though all his recent awards would say otherwise. He really opens up as he shares his real struggles with severe depression through all his massive success.


Kory has a degree in linguistics. Before starting Taft he worked for a fly fishing guide company and flipped board games to make ends meet. He’s now a self taught shoe designer, and is on the cutting edge of men’s fashion.


2:31 Are you naturally an entrepreneur?

12:06 Pressure of being an entrepreneur and having a family

20:24 Seeing Taft in public

30:28 Shoe Design

36:20 Challenges with depression

46:47 Mental health stigmas

53:14 Impact on the business

1:08:18 What’s next?

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