Ep 10- BYU Sports Nation- Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan

Episode 10! With this milestone we bring on the hosts of BYU Sports Nation. Both Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan knew their passion in life since they were small children. Not only have they delivered on that dream, but their dreams are still driving them. Listen in as you hear their stories of sacrifice, discipline, persistence, and ultimately the success they currently enjoy. Their aspirations continue to drive them as they ultimately want to be the next “Voice of the Cougars,” and the next Jazz announcer. After getting to know these two, you know it will happen one day. The entrepreneurial spirit can live on even within a large organization of BYU. Be inspired by their stories and find how you can incorporate that spirit into whatever your path happens to be.

1 Comment

  1. Two things: 1. 60 minutes / 4 Quarters – the team did this more last saturday under a challenging situation. 2. what about gel padding in the back half of each ball handler’s helmet (like the contest to launch a raw egg, carefully packaged in a box so as not to break)?


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