Ep 9- The Kaufusi Brothers- Bronson and Corbin Kaufusi

This episode takes a turn onto the gridiron. Kaufusi is a big name in Utah college football, across both the University of Utah as well as Brigham Young University. It’s not terribly often that family members play on the same team, and these brothers even played at BYU under their own father, Steve Kaufusi. Bronson and Corbin now are part of NFL organizations, Bronson with the New York Jets, and Corbin with the New Orleans Saints. They discuss what is like being raised by powerhouses Steve and Michelle Kaufusi (Michelle is currently the mayor of Provo, Utah). These brothers give behind the scenes views into what mentality it takes to be in the NFL and how that applies to other facets of life.

Time Stamps

8:07 What from your childhood led you here?

14:43 Family life

19:04 Typical day

21:10 Mentors, Cam Jordan

26:34 Advice you didn’t listen to

33:07 Mentality and expectations

42:37 Injury recovery

46:46 Kaufusi life lessons

51:15 Dad as a coach in college

59:40 Next steps

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