Ep 6- Gigg- Scott Warner

Today’s guest, Scott Warner, is a social media guru. He’s the CEO of Gigg, a social media marketing company, and is responsible for Stadium of Fire’s performers for the past several years. Scott is a huge proponent of knowing and living by your own brand, both at the personal and the business level. His instagram followers know he’s a die hard fan of cold cereal and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Listen in as he talks about defining your own “Core 5.” According to Scott, Defining your core 5 and sticking to it is the key in consistent success in social media, and in life and business as a whole. Scott is entrepreneurial to the core and is always looking for exciting ways to start, grow, and improve businesses. As such, he’s a part owner of Bam Bam’s BBQ, with our host Cam Treu.

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